Moisture balanced with healthy heat techniques

Silk Press - $55

  • Lasts for up to 3 weeks depending on care and curl pattern.
  • I use Affirm MoistureRight and StyleRight products. See more information here.
  • Ideal for transitioning clients.
  • My technique will grow your hair out if done regularly. Hair grows 1/2 - 1 inch per month for length retention goals.
  • INCLUDES: Shampoo service, deep condition and flat iron.
  • Add on curls for $10 extra.
  • I do not guarantee that this style will last if done while raining or if you sweat a lot.

Texture Release Straightening System - $150

  • This system is not a chemical or a texturizer but it leaves the hair straight for longer.
  • Ideal for transitioning clients to make detangling easier.
  • Match the two textures of relaxer and natural curl pattern to reduce breakage while the hair is growing.

See more information about the products and frequently asked questions.